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10 in 1 Pet Dog Grooming Hammock Harness with Nail Clippers/Trimmer set

The most complete pet grooming set.

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About this item
[Sturdy And Endurable] dog grooming hammock harness is made of mesh textile material, the sling is sewn with a special process, not a rope ring design, do not worry about tearing and falling off.
[Convenient] As a pet owner, it is easier for you to give medicine to pets, clean their teeth and ears, and use eye drops when you have this dog grooming sling hammock at home. You don’t have to worry about being bitten. Besides, grooming hammock is also a good helper for veterinarians.
[Warm tips]The dog/cat holder for nail trimming is equipped with unique elastic band x2 (for restraining the naughty cats)Besides, it’ll be better and easier if u have an assistant who can help u put cat in this nail trimming hammock. These items and pet grooming hammock is a perfect combination, which makes you groom your pets safely quickly and comfortably.
[Comfortable] This dog nail clipping hammock is designed with a breathable and flexible 3D mesh structure to keep your pet comfortable. The thicker hemming around the holes reduces friction on your pet’s legs, making them calm and relaxed when grooming. In addition, this product is easy to clean, hand wash and machine wash.
This XXS size dog restraint for nail clipping is suitable for puppy /extra small dogs that front and rear leg distance is between 3.9~8.9in, weighing under 8LB.

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