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Convenient Long handle foldable poop scooper shovel

A pet poop shovel that keeps you from bending over

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[A Perfect Accessory for Active Dogs] We offer a 24 inches foldable poop scooper shovel. With this device, you can easily pick up dogs’ waste without bending over.

[Sturdy, Lightweight and Convenient] Long handle pooper shovel keeps your face, hands and nose away from the smell and odors. High quality material makes it solid and lightweight, which is convenient to finish the scooping action.

[Ergonomic Design] The handle offers a strategic finger slots and easy hanging hole. It is easy to hold and takes less effort to pick up dogs’ poop on grass, sand or other surface.

[Widely Used] This pooper scooper is not only used for dogs’ poo picking up, you can use it for other messes like pine cones and leaves.

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