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Effective ways to prevent cats from scratching

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How can we effectively prevent cats from scratching?

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Although cats look cute, they also have a bad habit of grabbing things and tearing down their homes, which gives the owner a headache,

How can we effectively prevent cats from scratching?

  1. Cut your nails

You should trim your cats’ nails regularly, otherwise they will hurt their owners by mistake, and make everything in the house messy or even full of their scratches. After you trim your cats’ nails, their destructive power will be reduced.

  1. Spray a little lemonade

Cats don’t like the pungent taste. The owner can spray a small amount of lemonade on the place where they often scratch, so that they won’t scratch at will. But this method can only alleviate the cat’s excessive scratching behavior.

  1. Sticking adhesive tape

Cats like to scratch at the feet of tables and sofas. We can stick adhesive tape so that cats won’t scratch. Because they don’t like the feeling of stickiness, they will avoid it when they touch it.

  1. Cat paw plate

Don’t let the cat always scratch the things in the house. You need to buy a cat scratch board to divert the cat’s attention. You can try our cat claw board. We have focused on the design and development of pet products for 20 years, so that your cat can have healthy claws, good exercise and pressure relief.

  1. More company

The cat’s scratching behavior is also because it is too boring to find something to do, so the cat will scratch furniture and other items to attract | attention or vent

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