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Lntelligent LCD panel design programmable timed pet cat dog feeder

Buit-In Voice Recorder And Speaker Pet Feeder

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  • 1.LCD Panel Design & Programmable Timer Feeder: You can set the amount of food and meal time in advance on the LCD panel supporting manual or automatical feeding. Easy to check the meal time or remaining power of the device from LCD panel of the automatic cat feeders. Up to 4 meal one day,1-9 portion per meal and 10g (0.35oz) per portion.24-Hour settings, accurate to hours and minutes, easy to set meal time. No complicated programming.
  • 2.Buit-In Voice Recorder And Speaker: Taking 5 seconds for recording your sweet voice.Just press the button of “rec” of cat food dispenser and let go of button when you’re done.Easy opreation to remindering your dear puppy to have a meal.Smart feeder can memorize your lastest voice record as save settings.
  • 3.Battery & AC Plug Supply: Pet auto feeder electric is powered by 3D batteries(not included) and AC power adapter(included). The device preference to the AC plug. When power is cut off, battery-powered mode will be actived automatically. Long-term power supply as long as it’s constantly. Do no worry about Instant power outage, installing batteries in advance will be perfect.
  • 4.Wider Feed Tray & Easy To Clean: The cat food tray of automatic cat feeder features moderate inclination without jamming. The tray were of a wider configuration so multiple cats could feed at the same time. Without recess in the tray of pet feeder for cats your puppy can use good gesture to eat. Detachable tray and hopper comes out for easy cleaning.

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