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Outdoor folding nylon pet bed

Provide a comfortable and soft bed for dogs to rest or sleep on

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1.Elevated Pet Bed Dog Cot, you’ll be able to raise the bar of comfort for your pet, quite literally – Elevate your pet off the ground by good 7 inches, allowing it the luxury of a comfy & soft surface to rest or sleep on – Easy to assemble, dissemble & carry.

2.KEEP THE DISCOMFORT AWAY – Let your beloved pet stay off the cold, hard & uncomfortable ground/floor – This also keeps mites, insects, dust particles & problems that follow away from your pet – Semi-orthopedic pet bed for joints support.

3.STRONG, STURDY & DURABLE – We’ve ensured that this elevated pet bed uses nothing but durable & rugged materials – A strong steel frame supports the weight of your pet, while resilient nylon-like Oxford 600D fabric lets your pet rest comfortably off the ground – 48” x 36” surface spread.

4.LOW MAINTENANCE – Cleaning this pet bed is as easy as just brushing the dust off or vacuuming it all the way – You can also wash the fabric & the frame with regular cleaning soaps/disinfectants, garden hose, scrubber & allow it all to air dry.

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