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Outdoor training interactive dog frisbee

SE-PT078 Dog Flying Disc 5
Frisbee is a good tool to exercise and promote the relationship with dogs

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Frisbee will gradually improve the physical quality of dogs, including muscle strength, bone density, reaction speed, body coordination, etc.Enhance the relationship between the owner and the dog.So I want to recommend this non-toxic and bite resistant pet frisbee to you.

1.Material safety:It is made of environment-friendly solid foam material, which is not easy to deform and will not hurt the dog’s teeth

2.Antiskid texture:Bumpy texture on the surface, anti-slip and easy to be bitten by dogs.Effectively help dogs clean their teeth

3.Floating design:Large volume and light weight,Let the dog play on the ground and on the water,Not limited by environment.

When playing, be sure to pay attention to the comfort level of the dog, ensure that the dog has sufficient water, sufficient sun protection, and reasonable rest time.

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