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Solid wood interactive cat climbing frame toy ball grab board

SE-PCT0153 Cat Scratcher Toy 2
Toy ball that the cat always wants to play

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  • STURDY DESIGN – This Cat Scratcher Ball Toy is designed to be a quality and sturdy cat toy that your cats will surely love. The solid wooden base keeps the Sisal Ball intact and ensures your cat’s safety when being played. The Sisal Ball Scratcher is made of natural, environment-friendly and durable materials that are safe for your cats to be played. It is also designed to be a decorative piece in your living room which gives off a playful ambiance to your cats which helps them engage in this cat scratcher toy!
  • UNIQUE CAT TOYS – This cat scratching toy is different from other cat toys on the market. The sisal ball attached to an equally interesting wooden base will pique your cat’s interest to this cat scratcher toy and away from your furniture and your toilet papers! Your cats may not know what to do with this cat scratcher toy at first but once curiosity kicks in, your cat’s attention will all be for this cat scratcher toy and away from your furniture!
  • CAT SCRATCHER TOY DIMENSIONS – The diameter of the Sisal Ball scratcher is 16cm. The length of the triangular wood base is 24cm and the it is 21cm wide. This cat scratcher toy is perfect for small to medium sized cats and kittens.
  • SAFE AND HIGH QUALITY MATERIALS – All materials used from the wooden triangular base to the sisal ball are all natural and environment-friendly. No chemicals were added to making this cat scratcher toy. It is 100% safe for cats and kittens. The materials are meticulously checked and tested for your cat’s safety when playing with this cat scratcher toy. It is grounded and does not fall easy when being used for your cat’s safety and entertainment.
  • EASY TO ASSEMBLE – The cat scratcher toy comes with screws to build the wooden base and the sisal ball in no time. Just attach the triangular board with a stick, put the sisal scratching ball on the stick on top, then put the other board on the stick and tighten the three screws on the board, and you’re done in minutes!

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