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SE-PG038 Dog Paw Cleaner

  • Dog Paw Washer –The dog foot cleaner measures approximately 5.9x 3.9 x 3.9 inches, Entrance size is 2.8 inches. Ideal at home or outdoors, avoid the dirty paws touching furniture or carpets.
  • Quick Paw Wash –Add water to the dog plunger and insert a dirty paw, move the paw cleaner up and down, then remove dogs paw and dry it.
  • How to Use- Clean your dog’s paws easier and faster than ever before,Keep dirty paws out of your floors, carpet, furniture, and car with this dog paw cleaner.
  • Easy to Cleaning – Easy to unscrew the lid and remove the silicone brush for cleaning and keep it dry for next use. Forget the trouble of cleaning the bathroom wet towel after washing the dirty dog feet.
  • Soft Paw Cleaner – The dog paw cleaner is made of high-quality silicone, comfortable and soft, no hurt to your dog skin. It gently and effectively saves your pet’s dirty and muddy paws, keep your pets clean and healthy.

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Dia 8cm*height 13cm/ Dia 10cm*height 15cm

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