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What should I do if the cat keeps barking?

Cats constantly barking is a behavior of expressing needs.

During the process of raising cats, this situation may occur at any time, from late night to early morning, from day to evening. The cat’s meowing may not only disturb the owner’s rest, but also affect the peace of neighbors. How should we respond?

Meeting the basic needs of cats

  1. Food and water: Ensure that the cat’s food and water bowls are always filled with fresh food and clean water. Some cats may bark non-stop due to insufficient food or water.
  2. Hygiene and comfort: Regularly clean the litter box of cats to provide them with a clean and comfortable living environment. Cats may not be willing to use the litter box because it is not clean, and may remind their owners by barking.
  3. Companion and interaction: Cats are social animals that require the companionship and attention of their owners. When cats feel lonely, they may attract their owners’ attention through their calls. Therefore, owners should spend more time with cats, interact with them, and meet their social needs.

Addressing the health issues of cats

  1. Observe the behavior and physical condition of cats: If the cat’s vocalizations suddenly increase or become abnormal, it may be a signal of a problem with the cat’s body. Owners should carefully observe the behavior and physical condition of cats, such as appetite, excretion, hair, breathing, etc., in order to promptly detect their health problems.
  2. Seek help from a veterinarian: If the cat’s vocalizations persist or are accompanied by other abnormal symptoms (such as vomiting, diarrhea, difficulty breathing, etc.), the owner should promptly take the cat to the veterinarian for treatment. A veterinarian will conduct a comprehensive examination of the cat to determine its cause and provide corresponding treatment plans.

Dealing with the behavioral habits of cats

  1. Train cats on their sleep habits: Some cats may bark non-stop due to irregular sleep patterns. Owners can reduce their cats’ vocalizations by training them in their daily routines. For example, setting a fixed feeding time, playing time, and resting time for cats to develop good sleep habits.
  2. Provide appropriate toys and activity space: Cats are lively and active animals, and they need sufficient toys and activity space to meet their sports needs. When cats have enough toys and activity space, they may reduce their vocalizations and instead enjoy the fun of playing and exercising.
  3. Use cat soothing agent or spray: For some cats who are particularly fond of barking, the owner can try to use cat soothing agent or spray to reduce the cat’s cry. These products usually contain odors and ingredients that cats like, which can help them relax and reduce their vocalizations. However, when using these products, the owner should pay attention to following the recommendations in the manual to avoid excessive or misuse.

Pay attention to the mental health of cats

  1. Give cats sufficient attention and care: Cats are emotionally rich animals that require the attention and care of their owners. When cats feel loved and cared for, they may reduce their vocalizations and exhibit a quieter and more satisfied state.
  2. Avoid excessive punishment and scaring: When a cat keeps barking, the owner should avoid excessive punishment and scaring the cat. This approach not only fails to solve the problem, but may also exacerbate the cat’s anxiety and unease, leading to more frequent vocalizations. On the contrary, the owner should adopt a gentle and patient attitude to deal with the problem of the cat’s meowing.


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