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Why do dogs bite things randomly at home?

Generally speaking, this behavior may be caused by the following reasons:

Pet dogs at home sometimes exhibit a troubling behavior of biting things indiscriminately. This behavior not only damages household items, but may also have an impact on the dog’s own health. So, why do dogs bite things randomly?

Generally speaking, this behavior may be caused by the following reasons:

  1. Caused by tooth replacement: During tooth replacement, dogs may alleviate discomfort by biting something due to discomfort in their teeth. At this point, we can prepare a grinding rod for them.
  2. Boredom caused: If the dog is left alone for a long time and feels bored, it may also bite things randomly. Therefore, we need to spend time playing with them and making their lives full of fun.
  3. Causes of high energy: Some high energy dogs, such as Alaska, Huskies, and Mastiffs, often bite things randomly due to excessive energy. We need to spend a few hours a day consuming their energy, such as taking them out for walks, running, etc.


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