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Why do cats like to drill cartons?

Four Reasons for Cats to Drill Cartons.
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The cat is a very cute animal. Because in the process of raising, you may create one surprise after another in your life, which will make you feel more happy. Of course, it can also help you get along better with your cat. However, many owners said that cats always like to get into cartons at home, and even don’t show their faces for half a day, which makes the owner a little strange. Generally speaking, there may be four reasons. Those who are interested in it can come to see it.

Reason 1: fear of unfamiliar environment.

If the cat has just been brought back, it is normal for the cat to get into the cardboard box. After all, the cat does not feel safe in the new home and does not recognize your new owner in his heart. Therefore, after a lot of fear, they will still reject the unfamiliar environment. They choose to go inside the carton to have a sense of security.

Reason 2: self-protection.

Compared with dogs, cats are very timid. In order to make themselves feel safe, they choose to use the cardboard box as a space for their own protection. Then, at this time, the owner should give more comfort to the cat, so that it can gradually avoid this behavior. At this time, if you carefully observe the cat’s situation, there is fear in its eyes.

Reason 3: Satisfy your curiosity.

Everything in the world is new to cats. At this time, when the carton is regarded as a new thing in space, it will climb into it to satisfy its curiosity. Therefore, this kind of experience will make cats gain a lot, even in the wardrobe and cupboard at home, there will be similar behavior.

Reason 4: pass the boring time.

If you come back from work every day and see that the cartons are in a mess, it means that cats are killing time in the cartons. As long as you have free time, you should spend some time with your cat, so that the cat will not feel bored and will not choose cardboard boxes as the object of killing time.


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