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Can dogs smell cancer cells in the blood

Dogs can distinguish 10000 times more odors than humans.
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Although it sounds unbelievable, it is real. In fact, there have been many reports about it. Many countries have carried out relevant research, and the final conclusion is that dogs can really smell cancer cells in the blood. There is a dog named Daisy in Germany. The Germans have trained him professionally. After training, he can judge whether a person has cancer in a few seconds. The accuracy rate is very high, which is very surprising. The first cancer patient Daisy smelled was her own master. Later, she helped 550 people find cancer, which can be said to be a great contribution.

The reason why dogs can smell cancer cells is actually that dogs have a very sensitive sense of smell, which is believed to be well understood by dog owners. Dogs have vomeronasal organs, which can help them quickly find various chemical signals. The nostrils of dogs are open laterally, which can dilute the smell without directly breathing some gas in the front. These two organs are not available to humans. Some scientists estimate that the number of odors that dogs can distinguish is 10000 times higher than that of humans. Therefore, dogs have the ability to identify cancer, so it is true that dogs can smell cancer cells in the blood.

Cancer has always been a disease that does great harm to human beings, but many cancers have no obvious symptoms in their early stages. If there is no regular physical examination, the disease will be ignored, and then the disease will become worse. Many cancer patients have been delayed to the late stage because they have not been found early. Not only has the difficulty of treatment increased, but also the damage to the body has become more. Trained dogs can help people find cancer, which is very good news and beneficial for people.


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