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How to choose a pet bed?

Let your pet sleep in a comfortable bed
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Pillows can be used as pet beds. In the selection of fillers, cedar sawdust can prevent the breeding of fleas and other parasites and protect the health of dogs. Many dogs prefer a nest bed, with a slightly higher edge and a convenient margin. The orthopedic bed is suitable for dogs with joint problems, and the insulated bed is suitable for dogs with arthritis and cold areas.

Different beds have different benefits. Pillows are the most common type, with different colors, shapes and sizes. Some are filled with cedar sawdust, which can also bring cedar fragrance to the bedroom. Cedar powder can also prevent fleas and other parasites from breeding and protect the health of dogs. This pillow usually has a zipper on the pillow to facilitate you to change the filler. And the pillow case is easy to remove and wash. Mats are usually thin and easy to place in corners or crates. Sponges are usually wrapped in a washable cloth.

Many dogs prefer a safe place, like a small nest. Nest beds usually have two kinds of vines and sponges. Either way, there is a slightly higher edge on all sides, and some edges have a convenient gap, just like a wall, which surrounds your dog in the middle. This is just to help the dogs sleep in their preferred position. Adult dogs with short onset arthritis are especially fond of it. This kind of nest bed is most common in China.

Orthopedic beds are very useful for dogs with joint problems. They are usually made of medical foam plastic according to the physiological characteristics of dogs, which can provide appropriate support for all parts of dogs and alleviate the pain and discomfort of affected parts of dogs.

Warm beds are more beneficial for dogs with arthritis. It is also good for dogs in some cold areas. This kind of bed is also rare in China.


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