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Why do dogs sometimes have red eyes?

there are four reasons why dogs have red eyes
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The eyes are the window of the soul, and the same is true for dogs. Some dogs have beautiful eyes, which are vivid and seem to laugh. If you are in good health, your eyes are clean and bright, but many parents also find that why do dogs sometimes have red eyes? What is the matter? Let’s have a look today.

What’s wrong with red eyes

Generally speaking, there are four reasons why dogs have red eyes:

1.Blood is not circulatin

When a dog just wakes up from sleep, he will find that his eyes will be covered with bloodstains, and there is congestion. The whole eyes are red. Don’t worry too much. At this time, the body will curl up during sleep, causing the blood to not circulate, so this is a normal phenomenon. Let the dog get up and walk.

2.Suffer from eye disease

If you find that the dog blinks frequently, and you don’t stop rubbing with your paws, you should pay attention to the situation around the dog’s eyes. It is likely that you have eye disease. Check whether there is any foreign body in the eyes, and whether there is redness and swelling. If you find any abnormality, you can use spray to eliminate it, and then drop eye drops. If it is serious, you need to see a doctor in time.

3.The liver is burning

Usually, if you feed too much dry food, your liver will become angry. If you drink too little water, your body will be short of water. Therefore, dogs will easily become angry, their eyes will slowly become red, and their eyedroppings will start to increase. You can reduce the amount of too dry and hard food, feed some vegetables and fruits with more water, or drink some isatis root to reduce the fire.

4.Too much exercise

Although letting dogs exercise more can help their digestion and improve their physical fitness, they should not exercise too much. Otherwise, the blood flow will be accelerated after the temperature rises rapidly, which will cause the dogs to have red eyes, but they will returnto to normal after rest. Therefore, the amount of exercise should be controlled.


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