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how to remove fleas from dogs?

Methods for removing fleas from dogs

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Dogs are human friends. Their loyalty and companionship eliminate a lot of loneliness in our hearts, so keeping pets has become a new fashion and life. But the fleas on cute dogs are also annoying problems, which will bring a lot of harm to dogs and people. So how to remove fleas from dogs?

Methods for removing fleas from dogs

  1. Use medicated soap water to remove fleas: melt the scraps of medicated soap in boiling water, put the dog in the water after the water cools, keep the soaking time at ten minutes, and then rinse with clean water to remove fleas quickly.
  2. Use toilet water to remove fleas: spray the toilet water evenly on the dog to achieve a good effect of removing fleas.
  3. Use apple vinegar to remove fleas: pour more than 10 ml of apple vinegar into the dog’s drinking water for dilution, and let the dog drink it directly. You can completely eliminate fleas by insisting on using it several times.
  4. Use flea spray: After you buy it, you can directly shake it to spray it on the dog, and spray it more in places with more hair and fleas.

There are many ways to remove fleas from dogs, such as using soap water to remove fleas, using toilet water to remove fleas, using apple vinegar to remove fleas, using flea spray, etc

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