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Portable foldable cat litter box

Unidirectional design with drawer structure for easy cleaning.

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  1. PORTABLE & FOLDING: The cat litter box is folding and assembly, convenient installation. It has larger space when you unfold. You can carry it out for travel or store it when not in use.
  2. EASY TO CLEAN: Drawer structure and equipped with the matching cat litter scoop,the covered cat litter box is easy to shovel and exchange cat sand. The cat litter box with tray and scoop, only need to drag the tray out to clean it. The entire cat litter toilet can be completely disassembled, making it more convenient, safer and easier to clean.
  3. SPECIAL DESIGN: One-way design, front entry and top exit, the cat couldn’t come out from front door, but it can entry and come out from the top. Dust and odor prevention. If you can accept the design, buy it! Large-area hollow out sand pedal, 5mm sand filter hole, shake off the cat litter during the jumping, it can prevent the cat litter from splashing out.
  4. LARGE PRIVATE SPACE: Cat toilet with large internal space, which is convenient for cats to enter and exit and turn around, it has a lot of extra space for a 15lb cat.The enclosed structure protects cat’s privacy, which will make them feel safer and more comfortable, It reduces the odor emission in the house and keep the air fresh.
  5. ECO-FRIENDLY MATERIAL: Our product is made of PS and PP Eco-friendly material ,100% safe and non-toxic,it can applied to ensure the safety of pets.

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