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Reusable washing machine pet hair remover

Silicone material pet hair remover

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1.【 High quality material 】 Silicone material, our animal hair remover has stickiness and elasticity. It can be reused and is not easily deformed or damaged, making it very practical.

2.【 Perfect combination 】 The packaging includes 4 pet hair removers in sufficient quantity, suitable for daily use and replacement, providing a lot of comfort.

3.【 Practical Design 】 The cute claw shape can be easily placed on the water. Let yourself fall into the washing machine and float as the water rotates. Why are your clothes cleaner and won’t damage them.

4.【 Portable and compact 】 People can wear them during travel or business trips. Use this clothing hair extension to save water, detergent, and time, and prevent clothing from tying and twisting.

5.[Scope of use] The Laundry ball is helpful to remove clothes, bedding, coats, clothes, blankets, bed sheets, fluff, animal hair and other residues. Attention: Do not use softeners.

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