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What are the symptoms of heat stroke in cats?

How to prevent heatstroke in cats?

Cats lack sweat glands on their surface due to their entire body being covered with fur, resulting in poor heat regulation function. So cats are very afraid of heat. When the temperature is too high, it is easy to cause heatstroke in cats. So what are the symptoms of heat stroke in cats and how should we prevent it?

Symptoms and symptoms of heat stroke in cats:

  1. The soles of the feet and ears are hot, resulting in an increase in body temperature.
  2. Tiredness, unstable walking, and constant shaking
  3. Tachypnea, non-stop breathing.
  4. In severe cases, it may cause drooling or even vomiting

How to prevent heatstroke in cats:

  1. Maintain air circulation
    Prolonged window closure can leave cats in a closed environment for a long time. Cats are not only afraid of heat but also of stuffiness. If the environment is too closed, it can lead to abnormal self-regulation function. So the excrement collector should open more windows for ventilation and let the cat blow more natural wind. When the temperature is higher, you should close the windows and turn on the air conditioning.
  2. Avoid exposure to sunlight
    When the weather is hot and hot, it is not necessary to take the cat out. Avoid direct sunlight from causing skin damage to cats. Set Sun visor for cats indoors.
  3. Set cooling items
    Purchase a pet specific mat or water mat. To naturally absorb heat from the cat’s body. Also, give more to the cat. Comb hair and wipe paw pads with cold water
  4. Drink plenty of water
    We must find ways to increase the amount of drinking water to prevent heatstroke, and it is best to change the water frequently to ensure that the water source is clean. While drinking plenty of water, it is also important to ensure the cat’s diet and enhance its resistance.


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