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What is the reason why the kitten keeps barking?

What are the solutions?
  1. Cat in heat
    When cats are in heat, they always use their vocalizations to attract the attention of the opposite sex, except for howling. For example, male cats may urinate and leave a scent, and have no appetite; The mother cat will roll back and forth, exhibit restlessness, and other symptoms. The frequency of estrus varies depending on breed, environment, constitution, and age.

Solution: Touch the cat’s head more to soothe its emotions, and divert its attention by playing music or placing dolls next to it. Arrange sterilization surgery as soon as possible after the kitten’s estrus period ends.

  1. Illness or injury
    If a cat suddenly makes an unusual sound, it is necessary to promptly check if there are any wounds on the cat’s body. When making a weak sound, it may be due to illness.

Solution: Timely send the cat to a pet hospital for examination and treatment

  1. Feeling lonely
    Cats feel lonely because they lack a sense of security and lack inner satisfaction. Cats spend most of their time They are all sleeping, which is their natural habit. When awake, cats may feel bored and lonely. Continuously making noises is to attract the owner’s attention.

Solution: Spend more time with the cat in your spare time and buy several different toys for the kitten to play with.

  1. Hungry stomach
    When the kitten is not fed in a timely manner or hungry, it will keep meowing and observe if the cat bowl is empty.

Solution: Prepare food for the kitten in a timely manner. Pay more attention to the healthy diet of cats. In addition to daily cat food, some cat snacks can also be prepared as reward snacks to alleviate the loneliness of cats.


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