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What does a dog mean by curling its butt at you?

Sometimes, a dog will suddenly raise its butt towards you.
  1. It trusts you and thinks you are very safe
    The buttocks of a dog are their relatively fragile part. If it is willing to show you this part, it indicates that it trusts you very much and thinks you are a safe and reliable person.
  2. It may want you to help it check its body
    Dogs sometimes use the method of “raising their buttocks” to ask you to help them check their body, especially their anus and tail. This may be because they feel that these areas are uncomfortable or require cleaning.
  3. It is showing submission to you
    In the world of dogs, raising your butt is also a gesture of submission and obedience. When the dog shows you this action, it may be showing you its loyalty and respect.
  4. It’s hungry
    Dogs sometimes express their hunger to you by raising their buttocks. They may feel that this makes it easier for you to notice their stomachs and think it’s time to feed them. If you find your dog staring at the food or bowl in your hand while tilting its butt at you, it is likely that it is hungry. Prepare a delicious meal for it quickly!
  5. It may be in the estrus phase
    If your dog is a mother dog, then when it tilts its butt towards you, it may also be because it is in heat. At this time, the dog’s body will secrete some special hormones, causing it to perform some unusual behaviors.
  6. It wants to attract your attention
    Dogs sometimes act like children, attracting their owners’ attention through cute actions. When it tilts its butt towards you, it may be wanting you to pay more attention to it, play with it for a while, or give it some touch and care.


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