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What is the reason why dogs never gain weight?

Dogs eat a lot but don't gain weight.

1. There are parasites in the body
If a dog has parasites in its body, most of the nutrients it eats may be absorbed by the parasites, causing it to not grow meat on its own. In this case, we need to take our dog to the veterinarian for deworming treatment. After deworming, the appetite and weight of dogs usually improve.

2. Too much exercise
Some dogs are naturally fond of exercise, running around and consuming a lot of energy. Even if such dogs eat too much, they are not easy to gain weight because all their energy is consumed. If your dog is in this situation, you can reduce its exercise or increase its diet to ensure it has sufficient energy intake.

3. Psychological pressure
Do you know? Dogs can also experience psychological pressure! If a dog is in a state of tension and anxiety for a long time, it will affect appetite and digestion, leading to a lack of meat growth. So, as fecal collectors, we should pay more attention to the emotions of our dogs and provide them with a warm and comfortable living environment.

4. Genetic factors
Some dogs may not easily gain weight due to genetic factors. Some breeds of dogs are born with a slender physique, such as Greyhounds, Dobermans, and so on. If your dog is of this type, don’t force it to grow meat too much, as long as it is healthy.

5. Uneven diet
The dietary structure of dogs is very important. If they always eat a single food or have imbalanced nutrition, it can lead to a lack of meat growth. Some pet owners may think that dog food is too expensive and feed their dogs leftover food or cheap dog food.

6. Poor gastrointestinal absorption
Some dogs have weak digestive systems and are not easily absorbed even after eating. This is like some of us, although we eat too much, our bodies do not grow meat, which may be due to poor gastrointestinal function.


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