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What if a dog doesn’t cooperate when taking medication?

How to make a dog take medicine well?

The dog accidentally fell ill and needed medication; Feeding medicine to a dog at home has become a challenge, with drool on every hand, running around the house, tossing and vomiting for a long time, and sometimes getting scratched and bitten

I have summarized many recognized and effective methods, which one do you think is suitable for. Suitable for dogs.There are generally four methods for feeding dogs: direct feeding, drug concealment, feeder feeding, and syringe feeding.

  1. Direct feeding method
    If the dog is not resistant to taking medication, the owner can use this method.Firstly, calm the dog’s emotions, sit down and look up, then use your hand to open the dog’s mouth, open the upper and lower jaws, and place the medication deep in the dog’s throat. At this point, the dog will resist and not cooperate. Quickly close the dog’s mouth, and then gently massage the dog’s throat with your hand to allow the medication to flow down. Please note that if the dog’s tongue licks its lips, it indicates that the medicine has been taken. You can give a delicious snack to encourage it.
  1. Drug concealment method
    If the medicine tastes bitter, the dog will turn around and leave, unable to call back; The difficulty level is 1 star, and the owner can hide the feeding method of the medicine, which is also the most clever method. Purchase the flavor of Qianbeijin, hide the tablets in Qianbeijin, and treat them as snacks for dogs to take. This method is particularly simple and easy to operate, because it has a taste that can easily wrap the medicine, making it difficult for dogs to detect. Moreover, it has a beef flavor, which is like eating snacks for dogs.
  2. Drug feeder feeding
    If Mao children are picky eaters or afraid of taking medication, they can use a medication dispenser to feed them. Firstly, put the medication into the feeder, then insert the feeder deep into the dog’s mouth and pump the medication out. Many parents have reported a high failure rate.

It is recommended that the owner first have the pet doctor demonstrate and teach you before feeding to see if the dog resists medication. If the dog is resistant to medication, the owner should take good care of the dog when feeding it to prevent it from biting or scratching themselves. In addition, the feeder should not be too deep to avoid damaging the dog’s throat.

  1. Syringe feeding
    If the drug is a liquid aqueous solution, it is recommended to use a syringe for feeding. Firstly, draw the medication into the syringe, then lift the dog’s head and mouth slightly upwards and slowly push the liquid into the dog’s mouth corner. If the dog does not like the medication and attempts to spit it out, the owner can force its mouth to close and stroke its chin up and down to help it swallow the medication.

Attention: When using a needle to feed liquid medicine to a dog, it is important to pull out the needle and place it properly to avoid the dog licking it or children playing with it at home.


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