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Which parts of a dog are very fragile?

No matter how you punish the dog, try not to hit these four parts.

Keeping pets at home inevitably leads to mistakes. Regardless of the breed of dog, after making mistakes at home, sometimes they may pretend not to know and choose to proactively inform their owners in a special way. However, it is unaware of human affairs. Of course, when the owner sees the phenomenon of it making mistakes, he will definitely not be angry at all. If it is a small mistake, one may choose to forgive on the spot; If it causes significant losses to the family, perhaps the owner will prepare something to beat it up.

No matter how you punish the dog, try not to hit these four parts.

  1. The stomach and abdomen.

The abdomen of a dog is also a very fragile location, and there are many important organs hidden here. Of course, if each organ is severely damaged, it can even directly threaten its life. After all, dogs are short, and when they see them make mistakes, those who can’t control it will give them a kick and kick them in the abdomen. With a little force, there is a high possibility of internal injury, which may not be noticeable in the short term, but the long-term health threat it poses is also quite significant.

  1. Tail.

Sometimes the children at home will play with the dog and then follow it by pulling its tail, which is a dangerous thing to do. Firstly, there are many fragile nerves hidden in the tail bones of dogs, and even a slight pull can damage the nerves, leading to the occurrence of tail bone fractures. The nerve damage subsided for a while, and the pain could not even be expressed to the owner normally. It could only be silently endured.

  1. Head

The head is also a very fragile part. Not only does it have a brain, but it also has many organs. Once you tap its head, it is easy to cause brain concussion. Vulnerability has become the weakness of most organs in dogs. In short, once you tap so casually, it is easy to cause serious consequences, and even result in loss of life.

  1. Mouth can easily cause oral diseases.

Do you like to see your dog make mistakes at home and choose to hit its mouth? No, you will find that after hitting, you will find bleeding in the mouth and can also easily cause bleeding in the nasal cavity. The mouth and nose are also two vulnerable parts for dogs. Neural tissue is also distributed throughout these two areas, including blood vessels and the like.

Conclusion: Dogs are cute little animals, and their curiosity and thirst for knowledge are worth acknowledging. However, from the perspective of punishing dogs, these important core parts should be taken into consideration and never touched. Otherwise, it may have a significant impact, all of which need to be considered.


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