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Do you need to put shoes on the dog?

For most dogs, keeping bare feet is the best choice.

Many pet owners have also joined the ranks, dressing their dogs in clothes and various types of shoes. Dogs wear colorful clothing, but little do they know that depending on the development of their feet, some dogs are not suitable for wearing shoes.

Most people usually believe that putting shoes on a dog can help them avoid unnecessary foot friction and injury, while also keeping their feet clean and healthy. It is undeniable, but at the same time, it also goes against some of the developmental laws of the dog itself.

The foot structure and function of dogs are different from those of humans. The soles of dog feet are natural meat pads that have cushioning and shock absorption functions, while the soles of human feet do not have this function. Therefore, if dogs are given shoes, it may affect their foot development and health.

Different breeds and situations of dogs also require different care, for example, some short haired dog breeds may experience excessive friction between the soles of their feet and the ground while walking, leading to pain and wear. For some long haired dog breeds, their feet require more ventilation and breathability to prevent bacterial growth and infection.

For most dogs, keeping bare feet is the best choice. It can promote foot health and development.

Although wearing shoes may look beautiful, it can affect the walking and jumping state of dogs, making them unable to run and jump naturally, limiting their freedom of movement to a certain extent, causing discomfort and a sense of confinement, and affecting their mental health. Wearing shoes can also cause other problems for dogs.

Therefore, beauty loving owners should consult a veterinarian or professional pet caregiver for relevant information before deciding whether to put shoes on their dog based on its condition. Thus, it is convenient to provide appropriate suggestions based on the specific situation of the dog and make the most correct choice. If you need to wear shoes for your dog, you should choose the appropriate size and material to avoid causing damage to the dog’s feet.


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