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Why do cats like scratching?

There are four main reasons why cats like scratching
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Now there are more and more people raising cats in life. In the process of raising cats, I believe pet owners have seen cats scratching everywhere. So why cats like to scratch everywhere? There are several reasons:

1.Conduct odor marking

Sometimes even if you cut the cat’s paw, it will often scratch. In fact, the cat’s behavior is one of the ways to mark the smell.

2.Relieve the pressure of cats

When a cat is under great pressure, it also has ways to relieve the pressure. Scratching is one of the ways for cats to relieve the pressure. The owner can prepare some paper for the cat. Because cats especially like paper, not only can grind teeth but also claws!

3.Trim the cat’s nails

Cats also need to sharpen their paws, otherwise their paws will grow slowly and stab into their flesh, so this is one of the reasons why cats like to scratch everywhere. The owner should cut the cat’s paws regularly!

4.Cats are too boring

Cats are also bored. When they are bored, they will have fun by themselves, so many cats will scratch things, so they can relieve boredom.


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