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What should we do when the cat is nervous?

Cats are very sensitive animals, and changes in their surroundings can easily affect their emotions

Cats are very sensitive animals, and changes in their surroundings can easily affect their emotions. Especially in a strange environment or in the face of strangers, cats can easily enter into a state of tension, and the continuous state of tension will increase the probability of cats producing stress reactions. So when cats are found to be very nervous, we can take some measures to soothe their emotions.

At this time, you can let the cat know people and gently touch the cat’s head and chin. If you feel that the cat’s mood is stable, you can touch it from the head along the back. Pay attention not to touch its tail root as far as possible. From the tail root to the tail and abdomen are the “forbidden area” of the cat. Touching these positions may aggravate the cat’s anxiety.

Or, prepare a hidden space with shelter on all sides for the cat, such as a larger corrugated box. When the cat feels scared, it will instinctively want to find a place to hide. If the cat reacts more intensely and cannot touch it, then let it stay alone in the hidden space and put the carton in a relatively quiet place. The cat’s mood will gradually stabilize, and will also try to observe the surrounding environment by itself.

You can also prepare the food that the cat likes to divert its attention. Put the lyophilized or canned food that the cat usually likes near it, and then everyone walks away. Don’t disturb the cat nearby. It will calm down and try to eat food.


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