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Why do dogs always hide under the bed?

Dogs' behavior often has profound reasons and motivations

Firstly, let us understand that dog behavior often has profound reasons and motivations. When we see them getting under the bed, this is actually a quite common behavior, and the reason why they like this place so much is as follows:

  1. Pursuing a sense of security
    Dogs are social animals, but they also sometimes need some time to be alone. Under the bed, they provide a hidden and safe small space where they can relax, meditate, or enjoy some peace alone. For some small dogs or those who are prone to feeling uneasy, this secluded corner allows them to fully enjoy the pleasure of being alone.
  2. Temperature adjustment
    Dogs usually have a higher body temperature than humans, so they are very sensitive to environmental temperature. The space under the bed is usually cooler than on the bed, especially during hot summers, making it a great place for them to escape the heat. In the cold winter, additional insulation is provided under the bed to help the dog stay comfortable.
  3. Perception of the World
    Dogs usually perceive their surroundings through smell and hearing. Under the bed, it is relatively quiet and there is not much external noise, which allows them to better concentrate and perceive the surrounding environment. In addition, the odors under the bed are usually complex and diverse, making them attractive to dogs. They may discover some interesting odors there or gain new information.
  4. Genetic instinct
    The ancestors of dogs usually lived in caves, which also explains why they feel friendly to the relatively enclosed space under the bed. In the wild, the position under the bed provides a sense of security that can protect them from natural enemies.


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