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Why do dogs look for leaves to eat?

Dogs looking for leaves to eat are giving you a reminder

1.It could be poisoning

The ancestors of dogs have always lived in the wild. When they feel uncomfortable, such as being poisoned or sick, they will find corresponding leaves to eat and help them treat their illnesses. This is a unique life saving skill of dogs, and many domestic dogs now also inherit this skill.

2.The dog is full of food

Dogs are all greedy, so they often accidentally overeat. When dogs feel uncomfortable with their stomachs, they will also find leaves to eat, consume enough dietary fiber, promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, aid digestion, and induce vomiting to empty the food in the stomach, reducing the burden on the stomach.

3.Feeling curious

Dogs have a strong curiosity, and when they see anything, they always pick and bite, which is their way of exploring the world. The fragrance and small flying insects on the leaves attract dogs, making them unable to resist approaching, nibbling, and even engaging in leaf eating behavior.

4.It’s too boring

Dogs are social animals. If you often keep them at home, they won’t see their own kind, and you don’t play with them, then they will definitely feel bored. At this time, dogs will also find things to entertain themselves. When a dog is bored, it may gnaw at furniture and toys. If there are leaves by its side, it may also engage in leaf eating behavior. In the dog’s eyes, anything that can be touched can become a tool for entertainment.

5.Want to supplement with vitamins

If the food you usually feed your dog is relatively single, and the dog feels that they lack vitamins in their body, and there are no vegetables or fruits to eat at home, then the dog will find leaves to eat on its own, to supplement vitamins and make its nutrition more balanced, so that its body will be healthier.


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