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What are the advantages and disadvantages of Labrador?

Before raising a Labrador, you must understand it

Appearance characteristics
The head of a Labrador has clear lines, with a wide top that makes it look big. The ears hang on both sides of the head. The fur of a Labrador dog is double layered, with a soft layer of fur and a thick and hard outer layer of fur. The most common colors are black and yellow


  1. Good looking
    Labrador has shiny and white fur, and big and round eyes. When you laugh, feel like an angel!
  2. A gentle and warm-hearted man
    Labrador is one of the world’s top three non aggressive dogs, with a very gentle personality and an extroverted personality. They establish a deep emotional connection with humans and are a very suitable family companion dog
  3. Smart and easy to train
    In the intelligence ranking of dogs, Labrador ranks 7th and belongs to the smartest dog category! Strong learning ability and strong obedience, as long as the master’s method is correct, it is very easy to train.
  4. Functionality
    Labrador is a multifunctional dog that can play a role in many fields, such as guide dogs, search and rescue dogs, police dogs, therapeutic dogs, and so on.
  5. Loyalty
    Labrador’s loyalty is unquestionable, as his guardian manifests in waiting and guarding. Mature Labrador likes to accompany his master as he grows. He is usually clingy and sometimes hesitant, but when faced with real danger, he will make contributions and enjoy helping his master with things, such as running errands or carrying things.


  1. Extremely energetic
    Excellent athletic ability, extremely energetic, with a daily exercise volume of about 2 hours. If Labrador is not satisfied with its exercise volume and its energy is not released, it will release its energy at home through home demolition.
  2. Gluttony can also lead to weight gain
    Labrador is very greedy. If the owner does not control their food intake, it can easily lead to their weight gain, which can lead to many diseases. The owner should take them out for exercise in moderation and pay attention to their diet.
  3. Likes to demolish homes
    Although Labrador is relatively gentle, it has extremely strong destructive power. The sofa, wallpaper, and table legs at home are all affected, so it is important to be mentally prepared before raising it. In fact, doing a good job in training is enough.


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