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What are the common mistakes in raising dogs in winter?

These behaviors may affect the health of dogs

There are some common misconceptions about raising dogs in winter, which may mislead owners and affect their health and happiness. Here are five common misconceptions.

Misconception 1: Wearing clothes can make dogs warmer
The fur of a dog itself has a good warming effect. Overdressing can cause skin problems, and different breeds and fur of dogs also have different needs for clothing.

Misconception 2: In winter, it is necessary to give dogs hot water to drink
Dogs adapt to warm water in their digestive system, and overheated water can actually damage their oral and digestive health. Just provide your dog with room temperature water, which not only meets their daily water needs but also helps maintain their body temperature.

Misconception 3: It is necessary to put shoes on dogs in winter
Dogs need their paws to come into contact with the ground to maintain their health. Wearing shoes can affect their walking and movement, and prolonged wearing of shoes may also cause deformation of claws, nail problems, and so on. Unless necessary, such as when a dog needs to walk on snow or ice, it is generally not recommended to wear shoes on the dog.

Misconception 4: It is necessary to increase the feeding amount of dogs in winter
The food intake of a dog should be determined based on factors such as its age, breed, and activity level. Maintain an appropriate feeding amount and provide nutritious and balanced food to meet the dog’s calorie needs in winter.

Mistake 5: Don’t give your dog a bath in winter
Not taking a shower for a long time can easily breed bacteria and dandruff, which is detrimental to the health of dogs. In fact, as long as you bathe your dog in warm water and blow dry its hair in a timely manner, you can avoid problems such as catching a cold. The frequency of bathing should be determined based on the specific situation of the dog to ensure the cleanliness and hygiene of its skin and hair.


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