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What happens when the cat suddenly opens its mouth and gasps?

There are usually five reasons for abnormality.

Although cats and dogs are furry animals, and cats dissipate heat mainly through a small area of sweat glands on their paw pads, there are huge differences in their behavior habits and physiological structures. In general, even if the weather is hot in summer, cats can maintain normal breathing by reducing activities, finding cool places and other measures. So it is rare to see a cat open its mouth and pant.

If one day you find that the cat is also breathing with its mouth open and panting heavily, you need to pay special attention to this situation. There are usually five reasons for abnormality.

  1. The living space of cats is too small.

Cats open their mouths to breathe in summer, which may be caused by their small living space. Like taking cats out in the hot summer, they often open their mouths and pant.

  1. Be frightened.

After the cat is frightened and stressed, it will open its mouth and gasp because of the pressure! Such factors as changes in the environment, thunder, loud noise, bathing and so on can cause stress in cats.

  1. Asthma.

Cats suffering from asthma will also open their mouths to gasp, which is caused by disease and the consequences are very serious.

  1. Heart disease.

The probability of cats suffering from heart disease is very high, especially in breed cats, elderly cats and obese cats.

  1. The nose is blocked.

When cats are infected with diseases such as cat nasal branch, cat mycoplasma, cat calicivirus, etc., they will cause respiratory tract infection symptoms, leading to serious cat runny nose.


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