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Why do cats get diabetes?

How to judge cat diabetes?
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Diabetes is an endocrine disease caused by the absolute or relative insufficiency of insulin secretion, which leads to the disorder of glucose metabolism. It is a common chronic disease in cats.

1.How to judge cat diabetes?

Early stage of cat diabetes: cats have increased appetite, eat more, drink more water, urinate frequently, but their bodies lose weight quickly. In the middle and late stage, the cat’s condition worsens further, and the cat becomes weak, depressed and anorexic.Diabetes is generally divided into three types: 1. insulin dependent diabetes 2. non insulin dependent diabetes 3. secondary diabetes

2.What are the factors of cat diabetes?

  1. Obesity: Although fat looks cute, it is also a kind of damage to the cat’s body, which is easy to cause various diseases, such as diabetes.
  2. Endocrine disorders: such as hyperaldosteronism, adrenocortical hyperfunction, causing blood sugar to rise
  3. Genetic factor: family inheritance
  4. Stress: the cat goes to a strange environment, or is stimulated, nervous and scared
  5. Heart disease: cats with unstable mood are prone to cause abnormal blood sugar and blood pressure

3.What should we do to prevent?

  1. Cut off all foods high in sugar and fat,
  2. Prepare a blood glucose detector to check whether the cat’s blood glucose is normal
  3. diabetes is a chronic disease. If your cat’s blood sugar is not very high, you can use Chinese medicine to reduce blood sugar, stimulate the cat’s insulin secretion, and regulate blood sugar
  4. What kind of diabetes is a cat diagnosed? Not all diabetes patients need insulin injection


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