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What kind of cat nest is better?

What kind of cat nest is better
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  1. The selection of cat nests should be suitable for the characteristics of cats themselves. Young cats, sick cats or nursing mothers should choose some semi enclosed cat nests; Some kittens born in summer are about to spend the first cold winter in their lives. If the heating in their homes is not reassuring, they must choose those cat nests that are windproof and warm. In the market, small cotton houses or cat heads are more suitable. Such cat nests usually have only one small hole as the exit, which is naturally a good hiding place for cats.
  2. Cat nests made of different materials in different seasons can be selected completely according to the preferences of owners and cats in spring and autumn, whether they are made of straw, cane, cotton pads or other forms; Bedding in winter is the first choice for good warmth; Heat dissipation is more important in summer. Because of the extreme heat, cats lie on the floor, completely ignoring their elegant image. At this time, the heat dissipation function of the bedding is very important. The gap of the rattan basket is larger than that of the straw basket, and the air permeability and heat dissipation are relatively strong. Therefore, this cat’s nest is the best choice for cats in summer.
  3. On the basis of satisfying the function, choose a fashionable cat nest to create another small nest with tree shape and cactus shape in the scenic market. It is made of cloth materials and looks very lovely. If the home layout is close to the natural style, with such a cat nest, it will undoubtedly make people look bright.
  4. Although most cats don’t care about the color, they have high requirements for the feel. One of the advantages of this kind of cat nest is that cats can lie on the mat and grasp the steel claws of the branches of the cactus, which are firm and beautiful after being scratched and kicked. The cat is comfortable and naturally happy, and the owner’s sofa can also be saved from disaster, which is undoubtedly a great gospel for the cat family to create a quality life.
  5. Cats prefer closed or open cat nests. Cats prefer open cat nests, because cats belong to hunting animals. Closed cat nests are not conducive to cats’ escape, which will cause cats to have a strong sense of depression, which will also have a certain impact on cats’ mood. If cats sleep in closed kitchens for a long time, they will have depression. Some cats will have a poor mental state, which will lead to vomiting.


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